Hawham Productions Presents

Hawham Productions Presents… 

Beatlepedia Volume 2

The FIRST and ONLY multimedia guide to collecting the Beatles is back with volume 2! For fans, collectors, and music lovers of all ages!  "BEATLEPEDIA"  is a "Multimedia Tour" of one of the greatest rock legends of all time!

“Beatlepedia” is much more than a collector’s guide. There’s something on this CD for Beatle fans, music lovers, and collectors of ALL ages….



Learn EVERYTHING about collecting the Beatles including storing, buying, selling, counterfeits, plus learn of the history of labels and little known Beatle history with full color photos!

 View hundreds of rare Beatle artifacts and learn of their prices.

 Beatlepedia covers recordings by OTHER artists that the Beatles, or members of the group, helped with that are equally as collectible. (Did you know that Ringo played "Uncle Ernie" from the Who's "Tommy"? Or that George helped  produce Monty Python's "The Lumberjack Song"?

 View rare video clips, movie trailers, documentaries, and audio clips, many not seen in years!

 Plus there's trivia games, a complete guide to conventions, dealers, and publications, and through your internet provider, you are just a click away from connecting to the best sites on the web for Beatle merchandise and memories!


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