A little bit about

Hawham Productions…

Hawham Productions was created innocently enough in the early/mid-1970’s by a group of 3 friends in the then tiny town of Mahwah, N.J. (Did you know that Mahwah used to have mountains? Anyway, don’t get us started on that). During their high school years, the three loved to work with media – making songs with their band, “Quits”, performing comedy with their troop, “The Usual Bunch of Idiots Inc.”, and generally, recording and writing anything they could.

Through the years, the three parted ways, but the drive to continue to create was strong bringing them back together time and time again until in 1991, Joe Cuhaj actually did something about it. After working in radio broadcasting for a number of years, Joe became a computer software programmer and created his first marketable software of his own, “DXLOG”. From there, he gathered up the music of Quits and others to help market, plus began creating other software programs until finally he had to create a company to manage the products.

Being loyal to his hometown, Joe, being slightly dyslexic as most Mahwahians appear to be, named the company HAWHAM and the rest is history.