Hawham Productions Presents...

DXLOG 3.0!

The premiere computer software for shortwave listeners is back – bigger and better than ever!

 In 1991, DxLog first hit the market as a Dos program. It was a simple program that would allow SWL’s to log the stations they heard plus create customized reception reports from their logbooks with the touch of a button.

Today, DxLog is back and includes full multimedia features –

Dxlog comes with a database of English  language schedules that is updated every 3 months (your first 4 updates are FREE!)                                                                   

 Each schedule listing displays the entry’s transmitter location on a world map as well as displays the country's flag, and many entries  have the station's interval signals that you can play right on your PC!

The easy to use logbook feature allows you to track your loggings as well as North American Shortwave Association (NASWA)  contest logging!

From your logbook, it's easy for you to create reception reports with your own personal touches!

If you have an internet provider, (which you do or you wouldn’t be reading this), DXLOG will take you to the best sites on the  internet for stations, condition reports,  clubs, publications,  equipment, and more, just with a click of the mouse!



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